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Back to Owner Tab Ver.0.3.2014032801 for Mozilla Firefox

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Provides ability to go back/forward through tabs. In other words, when you cannot go back anymore by the "Back" button, then this Firefox will focus to the owner (opener) tab of the current tab (and, the "old" current tab is possibly closed.) For "Forward" button, Firefox focuses to the suitable "next" tab if possible.

Those navigations work more intelligently if Tree Style Tab is installed.

Similar or Related Extensions

I don't move focus of tabs, I want to do Back and Forward simply.
Tab History provides ability to clone session histories of the owner tab to tabs opened from there.

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If you see any problem, see FAQ at first. If there is no solution, post a report to the issue tracker on the GitHub please.

History There is the updating history and the list of known problems.

  • Works on Firefox 29 and later
  • Verified to work on Nightly 23.0a1.
  • Wosk on Nightly 20.0a1.
  • Drop support for Firefox 9 and older versions.
  • Fixed: Free memory completely on disabled.
  • Fixed: On some environments, failed to find DOM windows by Z-order and didn't work. (regression on 0.3.2011110101)
  • Improved: More intelligent back/forward across multiple windows.
  • Improved: Menu items for owner/next tab are available in the popup menu on fhe back/forward button.
  • Fixed: Doesn't use Function#arity anymore.
  • Fixed: Relation of tabs based on the pref "browser.tabs.insertRelatedAfterCurrent" are now initialized correctly.
  • Improved: Support "go forward" axis.
  • Improved: Support AppCommand events (fired by 5-buttons mouse and so on).
  • Fixed: When this is updated, unexpectedly activated even if this is disabled by user.
  • Fixed: The owner tab was unexpectedly focused if "back" command is fired for in-page links.
  • Works on Nightly.
  • Fixed: Failed to initialize the configuration dialog.
  • Works on MInefield 4.0b11pre.
  • Improved: Configuration dialog is land.
  • Modified: Tabs are not closed by default.
  • Modified: Tree of tabs are not closed by default.
  • Fixed: On Firefox 3.6, "Back" command always closed the current tab wrongly even if the tab had histories to back.
  • Released.
Last modified:2017/09/08 02:02:11