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How Many Times Can I Back? Ver.0.2.2011012001 for Mozilla Firefox

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Indicates how many times you can back or forward, in Back and Forward buttons.

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If you see any problem, see FAQ at first. If there is no solution, post a report to the issue tracker on the GitHub please.

Including Language Packs

Released version includes following language packs:

  • English (en-US)
  • Japanese (ja)
  • Hungarian (hu-HU, by Mikes Kaszmán István)

History There is the updating history and the list of known problems.

  • Becomes eval-free.
  • Works on Minefield 4.0b10pre.
  • Drop support for Firefox 1.5-3.0.
  • Fixed: Some toolbar buttons work correctly on Firefox 3.
  • Fixed: The positioning setting for the counter works correctly on Firefox 3.
  • Modified: The counter is shown with drop-shadow on Firefox 3.1/3.5.
  • Fixed: Works on Minefield 3.1b2pre again.
  • Fixed: On Firefox 3, counter in each tab is shown correctly.
  • Fixed: Cross-window drag and drop of tabs works correctly on Minefield 3.1b2pre.
  • Hungarian locale is updated.
  • Works on Firefox 3 beta5.
  • Hungarian locale is available. (by Mikes Kaszmán István)
  • Improved: Counter in each tab is available.
  • Added: Icon is available.
  • Improved: Configuration dialog is available.
0.1.0 (2007.9.6)
  • Published.
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