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XHTML Ruby Support Ver.3.0.2009060901 for Mozilla Firefox

*This is based on the stylesheet for supporting XHTML Ruby on Mozilla written by KITAMURA Akatsuki.

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This is an extension for supporting XHTML Ruby. It supports both simple and complex ruby markup. It's based on the style made by KITAMURA Akatsuki.

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If you see any problem, see FAQ at first. If there is no solution, post a report to the issue tracker on the GitHub please.

Old Versions

Screenshots This package provides following features.

W3C testcases. 1.6.2008031201 or later can render texts with justified spaces. Example by "Run, Melos, Run" (DAZAI Osamu)

This is tested with following testcases:

This supports complex rubys too. Abbreviations with fullspells are rendered as ruby.

New preference panel is added inth the category "Advanced".


Introduction of XHTML Ruby Support (Japanese)
This is an archive of the document introducing this extension, for the XUL contest in the Mozilla.Party.jp 4.0. There are some technical information of the implementation.

Known Problems Ther is the list of known bugs.

  • This extension sometimes causes crush when you show popup menus, load webpages, or operate tabs, because it intrudes into operations about loading pages. Please don't use it if you would like to use stable browser.
  • RUBYs in the page with "text/html" content type, aren't rendered as ruby in Mozilla 1.2 later. When the page's content-type is "application/xhtml+xml", etc, they rendered properly.

History There is the updating history and the list of known problems.

  • Improved: Dynamic changes for RUBY elements, insertions and modifications of shown/hidden are observed. (Modifications of shown/hidden are observed only on Firefox 3.5 or later.)
  • Fixed: RUBY are disabled for abbreviations which have TITLE attribute equals to their content.
  • Fixed: Wrong letter-spacings between not-wide-cell characters (Greek alphabets, Cyrillic alphabet, etc.) disappeared.
  • Improved: Works for Split Browser panes and sidebar contents.
  • Works on Minefield.
  • Drop support for old Firefox.
  • Fixed: Wrong vertical-align of complex ruby elements disappeared.
  • Fixed: Wrong letter-spacing of narrow characters and wide characters in ruby base or ruby text disappeared.
  • Improved: Alignment and overflowing of ruby elements become customizable based on CSS3 Ruby Module specification.
  • Improved: Line height of lines including ruby elements can keep its original height based on CSS3 Line Module specification. (available on Minefield)
  • Fixed: Some settings work correctly.
  • Fixed: CPU usage issue disappeared.
  • Improved: Base texts of ruby from abbreviations (or others) are shown with justified spaces.
  • Improved: You can show not only abbreviations but definitiosn (and others) also as ruby.
  • Modified: Ruby elements are parsed progressively.
  • Improved: Appearance of ruby elements inserted after the page is completely loaded are corrected automatically.
  • Fixed: Line-breaks in tooltips disappeared on Minefield.
  • Improved: Texts in ruby markups are aligned with justified spaces.
  • Fixed: Abbreviations are shown as ruby correctly.
  • Improved: Works on Minefield 3.0b5pre.
  • Improved: Performance of switching tabs, back/forward, and other cases are optimized.
  • Fixed: Internal operations for correcting vertical position of ruby elements work correctly even if fullspels of abbreviations are not shown as ruby.
  • Fixed: Fullspells of abbreviations are shown as ruby correctly.
  • Fixed: Uninstallation button disappeared for Forefox.
  • Fixed: Internal operations for correcting vertical position of ruby elements are improved (by Takeshi Nishimura.)
  • Fixed: Works correctly on Deer Park Alpha2.
  • Fixed: The algorithm of parsing ruby elements written for MSIE is corrected.
  • Modified: Implementations are rewritten with DOM3 XPath.
  • Fixed: The algorithm of parsing ruby elements written for MSIE is corrected.
  • Fixed: Vanishing ruby-base problem disappeared.
  • Fixed: Some internal operations are brushed up.
  • Improved: Appearance of ruby text is corrected.
  • Improved: Vertical position of ruby element is calculated more correctly.
  • Fixed: The algorithm of parsing ruby elements written for MSIE is improved.
  • Fixed: An error in the algorithm of parsing ruby elements written for MSIE disappeared.
  • Fixed: The algorithm of parsing ruby elements written for MSIE is improved.
  • Fixed: The algorithm of parsing ruby elements written for MSIE is improved.
  • Fixed: The algorithm of parsing ruby elements written for MSIE is improved.
  • Fixed: The algorithm of parsing ruby elements written for MSIE is improved. (by Takeshi Nishimura)
  • Fixed: Rubys are shown correctly for pages in subframes. (by Takeshi Nishimura)
  • Fixed: Complex Ruby elements are shown correctly even if they have "rbspan" attribute. (by Takeshi Nishimura)
  • Fixed: The first abbreviation, not the last one, is shown as ruby correctly.
  • Fixed: Danger of freezing the dialog of Firefox options is resolved.
  • Improved: Configuration dialog for Firefox has been available.
  • Fixed: Broken behavior in the latest Mozilla has been corrected.
  • Fixed: Garbages in overlays.rdf in the profile directory have been removed completely by self uninstaller. (These garbages obstructed installing into the directory Mozilla installed, after uninstalling from the profile directory.)
  • Fixed: Popups of rubytexts have been available again.
  • Fixed: A fatal error in the uninstaller has been removed.
  • Modified: No stylesheet has been appended when the page have no RUBY elements. (This is a fix for a problem which XML resources weren't shown with tree-style.)
  • Fixed: A fatal error on parsing has been fixed.
  • Fixed: A fatal problem which latest Mozilla failed to open new tabs has been fixed.
  • Fixed: Ruby rendering has been available again.
  • Modified: The function getBrowser() has been not used in this package.
  • Modified: The operation to gather texts in a element has been rewrited.
  • Improved: The service of this package has been able to change activity with "Extensions" panel of Phoenix
  • Experiment: Phoenix has been tentatively supported.
  • Fixed: A crash bug, which is caused by RUBY elements in "text/html" pages with Mozilla 1.2 later, has been fixed.
  • Fixed: A problem in concatenation of node lists has been fixed.
  • Fixed: Problems caused by Array.concat() have been fixed.
  • Fixed: Self uninstaller has been available.
  • Modified: Recovering broken DOM tree by invalid ruby markups has been available not only in the Quirks Mode but with a HTML document which is not XHTML.
  • Improved: Ruby rendering has been worked without JavaScript in Navigator.
  • Modified: The operation to locate ruby elements to best positions has been available always.
  • Fixed: Self uninstaller has been available in Mozilla 1.2a later.
  • Fixed: This addon has been independent from other extensions completely.
  • Improved: Multiple rubytexts for IE have been rendered properly.
  • Fixed: The operation to locate ruby elements to best positions has been work anytime.
  • Improved: Each ruby elements has been able to be rendered in the best position with XBL implementation. (*risky)
  • Modified: Codes for NS6 have been removed.
  • Fixed: Complex ruby rendering has been available again.
  • Improved: You can view ruby texts with tooltips.
  • Improved: The self uninstaller has been launched.
  • Fixed: The feature to restore broken ruby markups for IE has been available again.
  • Modified: Under environments of Mozilla 1.0 or later, "@mozilla.org/appshell/window-mediator;1" got to be used instead of "@mozilla.org/rdf/datasource;1?name=window-mediator".
  • Fixed: Irrelevant codes were eliminated.
  • Fixed: Functional confiliction problem with the ContextMenu Extentions was amended.
  • Separated from the package of ContextMenu Extentions.
  • Modified: Some expressions of configurations were changed a little.
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