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Ruler Bar Ver.0.5.2019041801 for Mozilla Thunderbird

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Ruler Bar appends a ruler to the mail composition window of Thudnerbird.

This is developed as a clone of Rulerrrrr, but more powerful.

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If you see any problem, see FAQ at first. If there is no solution, post a report to the issue tracker on the GitHub please.

Including Language Packs

Released version includes following language packs:

  • English (en-US)
  • Japanese (ja-JP)

Features & Screenshots This package provides following features.

Ruler on Thunderbird. On the ruler, current position and wrapped position are highlighted. The indicator of the current position is possibly wrong if it is a complex HTML mail.

History There is the updating history and the list of known problems.

  • Fix inaccessible options dialog on non-Japanese locale.
  • Support Thunderbird 60.
  • Modified: "jar" archive is no longer included.
  • Fixed: The ruler was shown based on wrong font-size if they proportional and monospace fonts have different font-size.
  • Fixed: Unexpected wrap caused by mailnews.wraplength=0 (means "no wrap" for Thunderbird itself) disappeared.
  • Improved: A dashed line appears while the wrap length marker is dragged.
  • Fixed: The content area of the composer window didn't wrapped.
  • Works on Thunderbird 3.1.
  • Drop support for Thunderbird 2.
  • Improved: Now you can change the wrap length setting dynamically by dragging of the rightside marker on the ruler or double-click on the bar.
  • Fixed: The position of the cursor is correctly calculated even if it is on the first line.
  • Fixed: Broken appearance on Thunderbird 3 disappeared.
  • Fixed: Broken appearance with the font "Meiryo" disappeared.
  • Improved: Horizontal scroll is applied to the ruler too.
  • Fixed: Appearance of the ruler is updated for each encoding.
  • Fixed: Wrong position of the cursor on the first line disappeared.
  • Cursor position is correctly shown on a blank line.
  • Optimized.
  • Cursor position is correctly shown even if the line contains any facemark.
  • Improved: The cursor will be indicated in exact position in the ruler.
  • Fixed: Position of cursor is correct on wrapped lines.
  • Improved: Colors of ruler are culculated from actual appearance of mail composition window.
  • Released.
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