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Sidebar Window Ver.2.3.2005042201 for Netscape 7/8 & Mozilla

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This makes the Sidebar undockable (shows as an independend window). And, panels become editable easily by drag and drop. For Mozilla Firefox, Ver.3.0 (Ez Sidebar) or later is available.

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If you see any problem, see FAQ at first. If there is no solution, post a report to the issue tracker on the GitHub please.

If you use Mozilla Suite or Netscape 7, see How to install and update? (contains important notes) This extension includes a self uninstaller. Please open the context menu on the Sidebar, choose Version Info, and click Uninstall. When you couldn't remove it completely, see How to uninstall by hand?

Features & Screenshots This package provides following features.

You can dock/undock the Sidebar from parents by one of following ways.

  • Select Dock Sidebar / Undock Sidebar in the context menu of the Sidebar.
  • Click Dock Sidebar / Undock Sidebar button of the Sidebar.
  • Center-click, Ctrl+click, or Command+click (MacOS) on the header of the Sidebar.
  • Drag the header of the Sidebar / Drop to Navigator, Mail, Composer, and so on.

And, you can collapse / expand floating (undocked) sidebar with double-click.

Following features/behaviors are available for Sidebar Panels after you installed this:

  • Re-order panels by drag and drop
  • Add new panels by drag and drop of links, bookmarks, etc.
  • Remove panels by Ctrl(Command)-drag
  • Rename panels


Introduction of Ez Sidebar & Sidebar Window (Japanese)
This is an archive of the document introducing this extension, for the XUL contest in the Mozilla.Party.jp 5.0.

History There is the updating history and the list of known problems.

Known problems

  • The result of searching don't feedback to the search panel.
  • Some panels will not work.
  • When the sidebar window is always raised, other windows of NS/Moz are placed in the back of other applications. This is a bug of Mozilla for win32.


  • Modified: Codes to access content area become secure.
  • Improved: Works on Netscape 8(beta) now.
  • Fixed: Works correctly wihtout Rewind/Fastforward Buttons.
  • Improved: Auto-close and auto-minimize of undocked Sidebar is available.
  • Improved: You can hide Sidebar on every startup automatically.
  • Fixed: Closing undocked Sidebar with no browser window doesn't open new browser instance anymore.
  • Fixed: Works with modified property "window.top".
  • Improved: The title of the selected panel is shown in the title bar.
  • Fixed: User actions on links have been processed correctly even if the Sidebar is hidden.
  • Modified: On Mac OS, "alyways raised" undocked-sidebar has been disabled.
  • Fixed: The problem of unavailable browser-window which appears when the Sidebar is undocked, has been disappeared on Mac OS X. (maybe)
  • Improved: Panels have been added and removed without confirming if you wish.
  • Fixed: Newly added panels have been loaded automatically.
  • Fixed: "base" elements in sidebar panels have been parsed correctly.
  • Improved: A new option to load links (which are in Sidebar panels) into the browser window forcibly has been available.
  • Improved: What's Related and some panels have been available for the undocked Sidebar.
  • Improved: Buttons on the splitter have been hidable.
  • Fixed: Freeze problem of dropping shortcuts to Sidebar panels has been fixed.
  • Fixed: Drag & drop of Sidebar panel items have been available?
  • Improved: Sidebar panels have been rearrange, add, or remove by their drag and drop.
  • Improved: The context menu can remove and rename Sidebar panels.
  • Fixed: Startup problem in lately Mozilla has been removed.
  • Fixed: Garbages in overlays.rdf in the profile directory have been removed completely by self uninstaller. (These garbages obstructed installing into the directory Mozilla installed, after uninstalling from the profile directory.)
  • Fixed: A fatal error in the uninstaller has been removed.
  • Fixed: A bug of uninstaller is corrected.
  • Fixed: Broken context menu in the undocked sidebar has been corrected on a few of points.
  • Fixed: A problem, which the undocked Sidebar was shown/hidden with browsing some pages, has been fixed.
  • Fixed: The context menu has been available in the undocked Sidebar again.
  • Fixed: Problems caused by Array.concat() have been fixed.
  • Fixed: Self uninstaller has been available.
  • Improved: Auto-collapsing of Sidebar has been available with normal Sidebar.
  • Fixed: Self uninstaller has been available in Mozilla 1.2a later.
  • Fixed: "Open link in new tab" has been available in undocked Sidebar.
  • Fixed: Undocked Sidebar has handed right referrers to pages opened from Sidebar panels.
  • Fixed: The context menu for content area has been available in undocked Sidebar.
  • Improved: Self uninstaller has been laucned.
  • Fixed: The context menu in the sidebar window has been shwn again.
  • Improved: An experimental feature to hide the sidebar window automatically has been launched.
  • Improved: Operations about the context menu has been changed.
  • Improved: Sidebar window got to be shown either in full-screen size or not according to your configuration.
  • Modified: Internal mechanisms are now under reconstruction in order to conform to the standard of Mozilla.
  • Modified: A button to close the sidebar panel got to appear even when the panel is in floating form.
  • Modified: The name of this application was changed to "Sidebar Window".
  • Fixed: A flaw was amended, with which you hadn't been able to hide the normal whenever the floating one had been activated.
  • Fixed: A flaw was amended, with which you hadn't been able to open a new tab under environments of Mozilla 1.0 RC2.
  • Improved: Buttons of "Dock" and "Undock" appeared.
  • Improved: The relationship between the normal sidebar and the floating one was changed; now the two are alternatives of each other; you can change the form of sidebar panel as you like, either by drag&drops or by middle-button clicks.
  • Improved: The panel got to remember its form of last time, folded into a title-bar or not.
  • Improved: Old two packeges for Mozilla and Netscape 6 were integrated into one.
  • Fixed: An error in the definition file was corrected.
  • Fixed: A flaw was amended, with which you hadn't been able to open a new tab when you had clicked an anchor text in the panel.
  • Opened to the public.
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