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Tab Catalog Ver.2.0.2009110402 for Mozilla Firefox

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This shows contents of all of tabs as a thumbnail-style list. This requires Deer Park Alpha or later (builds include HTML canvas support).

Similar Extensions

How to show only one thumbnail on each tab? (I don't want the list of all of tabs!)
TabPreview does it. BTW, This extension is based on the implementation of TabPreview.

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If you see any problem, see FAQ at first. If there is no solution, post a report to the issue tracker on the GitHub please.

Language Packs

Released version includes following language packs:

  • English (en-US)
  • Japanese (ja-JP)
  • German (de-DE, by ReinekeFux)
  • Polish (pl-PL, by Leszek (teo) Życzkowski)
  • Hungarian (hu-HU, by Mikes Kaszmán István)

Features & Screenshots This package provides following features.

(Screenshot: Contents of tabs are shown in a list as thumbnail-images.) You can show thumbnails of tabs, by "F8" key or both click (both left and right buttons are clicked together). And, "Thumbnail View" button is available for the toolbar. When you point the button (on mouseover), the list of thumbnails is shwon. If you don't need this behavior, you may disable it from the option.

(Screenshot: Context menu on thumbnail image.) Thumnail images work like tabs, so when you click them, the tab will be selected. Middle-click closes the tab. Right-click opens a context menu same to the one on the tab.

(Screenshot: Multiple thumbnails are selected.) By Ctrl-click or dragging on thumbnails, you can select thumbnails. Selected thumbnails are shown with blue frame. They can be closed all together.

(Screenshot: with Multiple Tab Handler) Multiple Tab Handler provides more features for selected thumbnails.

When "Ctrl-Tab", "Shift-Ctrl-Tab", or other shortcuts to switch the tab focus are used, this extension overrides the default behavior and shows the thumbnail list. The "Scroll Wheel Navigation" feature of All-In-One Gesutures also. If you don't need this behavior, you can disable them. This includes a feature to rearrange thumbnails by "most recently viewed".

BTW, Ver.1.4 or later can browser in thumbnails. (This implementation is based on codes from Tab Scope.) (Screenshot: hover on a link)

Screenshors of 0.1.* (old versions): Contents of tabs are shown in a list as thumbnail-images. and, Context menu on thumbnail image.

History There is the updating history and the list of known problems.


  • Improved: When the native Ctrl-Tab feature of Firefox 3.6 and later is available, then Tab Catalog doesn't override Ctrl-Tab action anymore.
  • Works on Minefield and Firefox 3.6.
  • Improved: Thumbnails are shown in a independent popup, not in a window.
  • Improved: Works with features for selected tabs with Multiple Tab Handler.
  • Fixed: Initial dialog to confirm adding the toolbar button is shown correctly in Mac OS X.
  • Works on Firefox 3 beta5.
  • Improved: Catalog is shown more quickly, because thumbnails are updated in the background.
  • Fixed: Toolbar button is initialized correctly on the startup.
  • Fixed: Works with Tab Mix Plus again.
  • Fixed: Tooltips of thumbnails are updated correctly.
  • Modified: Some operations are skipped while thumbnails are dragged, when the thumbnail is blank, or the page is a plain text.
  • Updated: Hungarian locale is updated. (by Mikes Kaszmán István)
  • Added: Hungarian locale is available. (by Mikes Kaszmán István)
  • Improved: Wheel scrolling and toolbar buttons in thumbnails can be enabled parallelly.
  • Fixed: The toolbar icon is disabled when there is only one tab.
  • Modified: Preview of links are away from the pointer.
  • Fixed: Doubled tooltips disappeared.
  • Fixed: Broken appearance of "Close" button disappeared for some themes.
  • Modified: Obsolete codes disappeared.
  • Updated: Polish locale is updated. (by Michał "Hołek" Połtyn)
  • Modified: Click on unclickable element always selects the tab.
  • Fixed: The catalog will shown again after closing the last tab correctly.
  • Improved: Toolbar buttons are available in each thumbnail when the preference to browse in thumbnail is enabled.
  • Improved: The image is maximized for the thumbnail if the tab shows only one image.
  • Improved: Click on thumbnails which is for the tab including only one image focuses to the related tab anyway.
  • Improved: Clickabke elements are highlighted in thumbnails.
  • Fixed: Thumbnails are updated correctly for page transitions and closing windows.
  • Fixed: The position of clickable elements are parsed correctly.
  • Fixed: Thumbnails are updated correctly after it is moved.
  • Improved: You can operate browser from thumbnails directly: click links, scroll with wheel. (This is based on the implementation of the Tab Scope.)
  • Fixed: Auto-popup works correctly after the catalog is shown.
  • Improved: The catalog is shown more and more quickly.
  • Fixed: Thumbnails are rearranged by focus correctly.
  • Improved: Implementation of creating the catalog is restructured. It becomes to be shown more quickly. (maybe)
  • Improved: You can prevent showing the catalog for tab switching by Ctrl-Tab for a while.
  • Improved: Aspect ratio of thumbnails is fit to each window.
  • Fixed: The catalog will appear again correctly after you close other windows.
  • Fixed: On Linux, releasing of the shift key doesn't hide the catalog, for Ctrl-Tab and Ctrl-Shift-Tab hotkeys.
  • Updated: Polish locale is updated. (by Teo)
  • Updated: German locale is updated. (by ReinekeFux)
  • Updated: Polish locale is updated. (by Teo)
  • Improved: The action to request the last tab is closed closes the window too.
  • Fixed: Error on closing of the last tab disappeared.
  • Improved: Slider is available for the scrollbar of catalog.
  • Modified: Thumbnails are sorted in order which window is recently opened, not focused.
  • Improved: Thumbnails are split for each window, by splitters.
  • Improved: Scrollbar is available.
  • Fixed: Tabs can be closed correctly.
  • Fixed: The size of thumbnails is calculated correctly.
  • Improved: Thumbnails are updated in the background.
  • Updated: Polish locale is updated. (by Teo)
  • Fixed: Thumbnails are correctly rearranged by focus even if you see all of tabs in all of windows.
  • Improved: You can see thumbnails for all of tabs in all of windows at a time.
  • Improved: Wheel scrolling with pressed right button changes the size of thumbnails.
  • Fixed: To small thumbnails are shown in the middle of the screen correctly.
  • Modified: The algorithm of calculation for the size of thumbnails is changed.
  • Updated: Polish locale is replaced the one made by Teo.
  • Modified: Some HTML elements are converted to XUL elements.
  • Added: German language pack is available. (made by ReinekeFux)
  • Fixed: Initializing error disappeared. (Tab Mix Plus and other extensions are initialized correctly.)
  • Improved: "+" key for zoom-in and "-" key for zoom-out are available.
  • Improved: Thumnails are always shown smaller than the real size of the content area.
  • Modified: Blink of the screen is reduced.
  • Modified: The algorithm to calculate minimum size of thumbnails is corrected.
  • Improved: Page Up, Page Down, Home and End keys are available.
  • Improved: Direct-navigation-mode is available. Each thumbnail can be assigned shortcut from "0" to "Z".
  • Fixed: The context menu in the content area disappeared when thumbnails are shown (maybe).
  • Modified: Titlebar for each thumbnail is shown above each thumbnail, not on it.
  • Modified: The algorithm to calculate size of thumbnails is corrected.
  • Improved: Panninng-scroll for the thumbnail list is available.
  • Improved: Highlighted thumbnail becomes highly visible.
  • Improved: You can disable dropshadow and other effects.
  • Fixed: Blink of the screen is reduced.
  • Modified: Configuration dialog is restructured.
  • Modified: Internal codes are rewritten.
  • Fixed: Stops to work while you are customizing the toolbar.
  • Improved: You can disable animation effects.
  • Fixed: Now, unexpected "resize" events, not fired by resizing of the window itself, are ignored correctly.
  • Improved: When just after the thumbnails are shown, or, while thumbnails are scrolled by keyboard operations, thumbnails below the pointer doesn't get focused.
  • Fixed: Some minor problems are solved.
  • Fixed: Context menu disappeared for both-click.
  • Fixed: Invalid behavior of vi-style keys, "H" and "J" is corrected.
  • Modified: Thumbnails are hidden when the window lost its focus.
  • Improved: Minimum size of thumbnails can be customized.
  • Fixed: Preferences dialog works correctly even if its animation is available.
  • Improved: Favicons are shown on thumbnails.
  • Improved: "H", "J", "K" and "L" keys can move focus like vi.
  • Improved: You can move focus by the keypad (tenkey).
  • Modified: Cursor is changed on thumbnails.
  • Improved: Now, both click (both left and right buttons are clicked together) shows thumbnail list.
  • Improved: Now, ctrl-click selects a thumbnail, and dragging on thumbnails selects multiple thumbnails.
  • Improved: You can close multiple tabs when multiple thumbnails are selected, by the context menu.
  • Fixed: A few problems about auto-close of thumbnail list are solved.
  • Fixed: User-defined shortcut key is saved correctly.
  • Improved: Changed shortcut key will be available without firefox restarting.
  • Fixed: Broken order of thumbnails for sorted by "most recently viewed" was solved.
  • Modified: Preferences are rearranged.
  • Improved: Thumnails are always shown inside the window.
  • Improved: Implementation of thumbnail list was completely rewritten. Closebox and context menu on thumbnails works better.
  • Modified: Thumbails are always shown in the center of the window.
  • Modified: Fixed size thumbnails and thumbnail list are gone.
  • Improved: "F8" shows the thumbnail list.
  • Improved: You can move the focus on thumbnails by cursor keys - up, down, left and right.
  • Fixed: Initial startup problem (toolbar is not initialized) is solved.
  • Fixed: Keyboard shortcuts work correctly.
  • Improved: Thumbnails can be sorted in order recently focused.
  • Improved: Thumbnail list can be shown automatically when the tab bar is pointed.
  • Improved: Pointing on the toolbar icon doesn't show the thumbnails automatically if only one tab is open.
  • Fixed: Empty navigation-bar doesn't show initializing dialog anymore.
  • Improved: This extension confirms that a custom button should or shouldn't be inserted to the navigation toolbar.
  • Fixed: Errors in some windows disappeared.
  • Fixed: The thunmbnail list no longer appear when you move the pointer across the button.
  • Fixed: Needless popup opened by Ctrl-click on Firefox window disappeared.
  • Fixed: Operations are available correctly, after that the context menu on thumbnail images is closed.
  • Fixed: The thumbnail list keep its position for some cases, ex. tabs are closed from the list, or others.
  • Improved: Context menu for tabs can be opened by right-click on thumbnail images.
  • Improved: Overflowed thumbnails are shown with scrollbars.
  • Modified: The thumbnail list shown by Ctrl-Tab or some of other ways is placed to the left edge of the window.
  • Improved: The thumbnail list can be fixed to your favorite size.
  • Modified: Too large thumbnail images are scaled to 40% of the window size.
  • Improved: Middle-click on thumbnail closes the tab.
  • Improved: Thumbnail images are updated when it is pointed.
  • Improved: The title of the page and the URI are shwon as a tooltip on the thumbnail.
  • Modified: Thumbnail list keeps open when tabs are closed by middle-click.
  • Fixed: Ctrl-Tab for switching tabs with thumbnail view works correctly.
  • Improved: Titlebar and closebox in each thumbnail are available.
  • Improved: Size of thumbnail images can be fixed to your favorite size.
  • Improved: This can override the Scroll Wheel Navigation feature of "All-In-One Gestures" Extension.
  • Released.
Last modified:2019/05/05 23:02:02