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Text Shadow Ver.0.3.2008042901 for Mozilla Firefox

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Provides supporting "text-shadow" feature of CSS2/CSS3. Texts can be shown with its drop-shadow in some pages, for example, this page or pages of CSS3.info. (example 1) (example 2)

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If you see any problem, see FAQ at first. If there is no solution, post a report to the issue tracker on the GitHub please.

History There is the updating history and the list of known problems.

  • Works on Firefox 3 beta5.
  • Improved: Button to toggle text shadow is available in the status bar.
  • Fixed: Wrong XPath expressions from CSS selectors disappeared.
  • Fixed: Specificities of CSS selectors are calculated correctly.
  • Fixed: Multiple shadows can be shown correctly.
  • Modified: Shadows are disappeared from form controls except "button" elements.
  • Fixed: Firefox 3 doesn't freeze for shadowed texts aligned "center" or "right".
  • Fixed: Broken appearance of shadowed text in "button" elements disappeared from Firefox 3.
  • Improved: CSS selectors with namespace prefix are available.
  • Improved: Internal operations of rebuilding shadows are optimized.
  • Fixed: Style rules for phisical element created to show shadowed first-letter are inherited from :first-letter pseud element.
  • Fixed: Broken appearance of shadowed texts in pages which have style rules for span element disappeared.
  • Fixed: Shadows are disabled for editable documents completely.
  • Fixed: Wrong colors of shadows disappeared.
  • Modified: Shadows are disabled for editable documents.
  • Fixed: Wrongly overdrawing of shadows disappeared.
  • Modified: Shadows are hidden when the author stylesheet is disabled.
  • Improved: ":hover", ":focus", and ":active" dynamic pseud classes are supported partially.
  • Modified: Appearance becomes more nearly Safari.
  • Fixed: Works correctly in some environments.
  • Improved: Rules in userContent.css are available.
  • Improved: Colors of shadows which is declared in the user stylesheet without their color, are automatically calculated.
  • Fixed: Wrong line-breaks in bold and shadowed texts disappeared.
  • Fixed: Configuration dialog works correctly.
  • Fixed: Wrong alignment of shadowed texts, which include line-breaks to the last line and the text-align of the block is "center" or "right", disappeared.
  • Fixed: Broken apperarances by text-indent disappeared.
  • Fixed: Appearance of shadowed texts which include a line-break to the last line and the text-align of the block is "center" or "right", are corrected. (If the shadowed text includes multiple line-breaks, broken appearance is still there.)
  • Fixed: Appearance of boxes which has "text-align: center" or "text-align: right" rule is corrected. (maybe)
  • Fixed: Broken appearance of texts with shadow and bold disappeared.
  • Fixed: Works for websites which are forbidden to run JavaScript codes.
  • Fixed: A mistake on specificities calculation is corrected.
  • Improved: Text shadows are not re-rendered for resizing of window height.
  • Improved: Useless strings in copied version of shadowed strings disappeared.
  • Improved: Specificities of CSS selectors are available. Cascading for "text-shadow" property works correctly.
  • Improved: Multiple pseud classes and pseud elements are available for each element.
  • Fixed: Useless redrawing disappeared when loading is canceled.
  • Fixed: Stupid positions of shadowed texts in tables are corrected.
  • Fixed: Freezing when many text nodes are in a element disappeared.
  • Improved: Internal operations are optimized.
  • Improved: "~" combination, CSS3 attribute selectors and :not() pseud class are available.
  • Improved: @import rule is available.
  • Improved: Absolute units of CSS length are available (as 72dpi).
  • Improved: Creation of dummy elements and attributes for pseud elements and classes can be prevented. (set "extensions.textshadow.silhouettePseudElementsAndClasses" to false)
  • Fixed: Implementations for :link and :visited pseud classes are improved.
  • Modified: Multiple shadows are drawed in each time.
  • Modified: The node is completely restored if no shadow is applied.
  • Fixed: Dropped implementation for @media rule backs.
  • Fixed: The order of redrawing becomes same to drawing.
  • Fixed: Wrong position of floated boxes disappeared.
  • Improved: Some pseud elements (:first-letter and :first-line) and some pseud classes (:first-child, :last-child, :first-of-type, :last-of-type, :only-child, only-of-type, :empty, :link, :visited, :root) are available.
  • Improved: Works on Firefox 3.
  • Improved: Rendering results becomes like Safari.
  • Improved: Shadows are automatically re-rendered after resizing of window.
  • Fixed: Broken appearance with line-breaks disappeared.
  • Fixed: Long inline boxes are correctly shown.
  • Fixed: Hacks for Safari (ex. Slashdot.jp) are ignored correctly.
  • Improved: Works with Split Browser.
  • Improved: Double shadow is available. (But 3 or more shadows cannot be shown by design of Firefox.)
  • Fixed: Odd position of some elements which has the value "normal" in "line-height" property disappeared.
  • Fixed: Shadows with 0 radius can be shown correctly.
  • Improved: "@media" rule is available.
  • Fixed: Odd position of base texts disappeared.
  • Fixed: Shadows cannot be focused and selected.
  • Improved: Text-shadows in "style" attribute can be recognized.
  • Fixed: Odd appearance caused by "text-indent" disappeared.
0.1.0 (2007.7.28)
  • Published.
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