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Tabbrowser Extensions: Add-on Modules

These tiny extensions require Tabbrowser Extensions Ver.1.10.2004042301 or later.


ContextMenu Rearrangement Module

Adds a new preference panel to change order of menu items in the context menu of tabs. This requires TBE Ver.1.11.2004111202 or later.

*If you use TBE Ver.1.10.20040806 or older, You have to install ContextMenu Rearrangement Module Ver.1.0.20040330.

Fixed: Works correctly.

Tab Numbering Module

>Popups tab numbering when you press Ctrl (or Command) key, for the shortcuts Ctrl(Command)-1 to Ctrl(Command)-9. This will help you to find out the index of the tab you wish to go to. Indexes of hidden tabs are shown with their label.

Fixed: Ctrl-Number shortcuts work correctly.
Fixed: Keyboard shortcuts (ex. Ctrl-C) entered while the tooltips are showing or shown work correctly.
Fixed: Tooltips are positioned in correct places.

Highlight Unread Tab Module

Highlights unread tabs. You can customize the appearance of unread tabs with userChrome.css or other ways, like: tabbrowser[highlight-unread="true"] tab[unread="true"] { color: red !important; }. This requires TBE Ver.1.11 or later.

*If you use TBE Ver.1.10.2004042901 ~ 1.10.20040806, You have to install Highlight Unread Tab Module Ver.1.0.20040621.

An error disappeared.
Updated for TBE 1.13.2005012602.

Smooth Resizing Patch

Optimizes resizing of multi-tabbed windows. You can resize browsers smoothly even if they have many tabs (in exchange for slow switching of tabs.) Some cases may crash with this patch. See following:

Works fine
  • Mozilla 1.7RC1(Classic/Modern theme) on Windows 2000
  • Firefox 0.8+(Classic theme) on Windows 2000
Doesn't work
  • Netscape 7.1(Classic theme) on Windows 2000
  • Firefox 0.8(Classic theme) on Windows XP

This requires TBE Ver.1.11 or later. If you use TBE Ver.1.10.2004042901 ~ 1.10.20040806, You have to install Smooth Resizing Patch Ver.1.0.20040712.


Focus Previously Selected Tab Module

This focuses to the tab previously selected with the shortcut Shift-Alt-Left. And, Shift-Alt-Up/Down can switch tabs in the order recently selected, like Alt-Tab in MS-Windows. They will assist your multiple browsing. TBE older than Ver.1.1.20040821 includes this feature.

  • 1.0.2004082102
    • Fixed: Algorithm to find the tab which should be focused is corrected.
    • Released.


    Patch for Linkification

    This resolves conflict of TBE with Linkification. If those extensions are installed, TBE loads link twice wrongly, so this patch prevents TBE causing the problem.

    • Released.

    Patch for Toolbar Enhancements

    This resolves conflict of TBE with Toolbar Enhancements. This fixes the problem: if those extensions are installed, toolbar buttons and TBE features to toggle permissions of images/Javascript/redirecting/plugins for tabs will comfused. And, with this patch, you can set the state of the current tab to the initial state of new tabs from the context menu (right-click menu) of those buttons.

    • Fixed: Status of buttons and tabs are synchronized correctly.
    • Improved: "Set as Default" feature is available.
    • Released.

    Patch for MacOS X

    This patch corrects broken appearances of the default theme on MacOS X and AquaMOZ. Please install this patch after Tabbrowser Extensions. TBE Ver.1.0.2004021101 or later includes this patch. To enable it, check Misc > Use another appearance for Firefox on Mac OS X in the preferences dialog.

    Patch for the theme, Plastikfox Crystal SVG 1.5.1

    This patch corrects broken appearances of the theme Plastikfox Crystal SVG. Please install this patch after Tabbrowser Extensions.

    • Released.
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