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3281 TST More Tree->Group View: support draw line hierarchical, and view in 1 column

  • Name: user
  • Date: 2020/12/05 12:41

Hi Piro,
In the Group View of TST More Tree Commands (Operate Tree > Create New Group from tabs), can you support:
[1] render lines (vertical,horizontal) representing the hierarchical relationship between various nodes.
[2] has option to view in one column with vertical scrollbar, and the ability to set column width.

Here is my screenshot:

My situation is:
I watch dolphin, porpoise on YouTube and look up information from many sources, including Wiki.
(1) I cannot edit the tab title, for example: re-title the tab "Toothed whale - Wikipedia" into "Parvorder Odontocetes (Odontoceti) = Toothed whale".
(2) Besides English wiki (with standard hierarchy), I also read in other language (Vietnamese).
=> I grouped tabs wiki English and Vietnamese, then name the group as desired.

Thank you very much!
Good health!

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