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Policy Manager Ver.2.2.2009110501 for Mozilla Firefox

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What's this? ...abstract

This is an extension for managing Site Policies, a security feature (, it's like IE's "security zones").

Firefox includes the feature secretly, but there is no UI. This package includes manager GUI and a context menu extension to set the site's policy easily.

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If you see any problem, see FAQ at first. If there is no solution, post a report to the issue tracker on the GitHub please.

If you use Mozilla Suite or Netscape 7, see How to install and update? (contains important notes) This extension includes a self uninstaller. Please open the Policy Manager, click About, and click the button Uninstall in the dialog. When you couldn't remove it completely, see How to uninstall by hand?

Old Versions

Screenshots&Features This package provides following features.

Policy Manager provides a manager dialog to edit security policies. You can open it from the context menu or the "Tools" menu. In the dialog, you can edit the list of sites by drag-and-drop. If you want to add new site to the policy, drop links or bookmarks to the list.

Property dialog of each policy. For each policy you can customize availability of JavaScript, HTTP Cookie, images, popups, and software installation. JavaScript features can be customized.

Mozilla has only one policy setting "default (Global Policy)", at first. To change security settings for websites, we have to make new policy settings like "Trusted Sites".

We can register the website to policies with the context menu item, Policy for This Site, with a simple dialog.

History There is the updating history and the list of known problems.

  • Works on Minefield and Firefox 3.6.
  • Improved: Support management of permissions about the DOM storage API and the geolocation API.
  • Improved: Permissions of accessing to local files and clipboard are customizable.
  • Improved: Favicons for sites are available.
  • Works on Firefox 3 Beta5.
  • Modified: Radio button of JavaScript availability is shwon as "disabled" correctly as its internal value.
  • Improved: User-defined policies can enable JavaScript even if the global policy disables it. (*Refreshing your policies is required)
  • Improved: Works with Firefox correctly, and restructured with a new interface.
  • Improved: Now the Policy Manager is available from the Tools menu in Firefox.
  • Fixed: Errors caused by modified window.top have disappeared.
  • Fixed: Internal operation for menuitems like checkbox has been optimized.
  • Fixed: Button labels in JLP have been corrected in a few points.
  • Fixed: Checkbox to disable popups has been ignored in NS7 or old Mozilla.
  • Fixed: Garbages in overlays.rdf in the profile directory have been removed completely by self uninstaller. (These garbages obstructed installing into the directory Mozilla installed, after uninstalling from the profile directory.)
  • Fixed: A fatal error in the uninstaller has been removed.
  • Fixed: Initializing error of the context menu has been fixed.
  • Improved: Popups have been controlled. (provisional, "Block popups with some exceptions" mode only)
  • Experiment: Phoenix has been tentatively supported.
  • Modified: Any checks for JavaScripts have been disabled when "javascript.enabled" is disabled.
  • Fixed: Mistakes on the pref settings, ***.javascript.enabled , has been corrected.
  • Fixed: Checkboxes have worked properly.
  • Fixed: Self uninstaller has been available.
  • Modified: Operations during page-loading have been modified on a few points.
  • Fixed: Problems caused by Array.concat() have been fixed.
  • Fixed: Self uninstaller has been available.
  • Fixed: Self uninstaller has been available in Mozilla 1.2a later.
  • 1.1.20020830
  • Improved: The self uninstaller has been launched.
  • 1.1.20020809
  • Fixed: Codes have been rewrited to follow changings of spec about nsISupports(W)String.
  • Modified: Some expressions in menu texts were changed; "add policy" to "new policy", for instance.
  • Modified: Under environments of Mozilla 1.0 or later, "@mozilla.org/appshell/window-mediator;1" got to be used instead of "@mozilla.org/rdf/datasource;1?name=window-mediator".
  • Improved: You got to be able to control the state of JavaScript interpreter just in one touch.
  • Improved: You got to be able to choose the security level of JavaScript, "allAccess" or "sameOrigin".
  • Fixed: The initialization process at the first start time got to work well.
  • Fixed: An error in the definition file was corrected.
  • Improved: You got to be able to restrict capturing ivents by JavaScript.
  • Fixed: Some small points were modifid.
  • Improved: You got to be able to control "setInterval" amd "setTimeout".
  • Opened to the public.
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