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Rewind/Fastforward Buttons Ver.2.1.2009091201 for Mozilla Firefox

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This provides "rewind" and "fastforawrd" button to the toolbar, like Opera. You can go back/forward to the previous/next domain in the history with only one click.

If the page provides information for a "next" page, the button works as "next page". (Then you can fastforward from the context menu on the button.)

When the page has previous (or next) page, you can go to previous(next) page with scrolling up(down) on the start(end) of the page.

For people who don't want variable buttons, "Next page" and "Previous page" buttons are available. If you use these buttons, "Rewind" and "Fastforward" buttons work only as the default behavior of themselves.

You can use "Back" and "Forward" buttons as "Rewind/Previous Page" and "Fastforward/Next Page" button, if you don't want to put custom buttons in the toolbar.

You can customize matching patterns to find links to next or previous pages with XPath expressions. Wildcards (*) are available for the domain name, like "*.blogspot.com". If you enter only a character "*" as the domain name, the rule is applied for any webpage.

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If you see any problem, see FAQ at first. If there is no solution, post a report to the issue tracker on the GitHub please.

If you use Mozilla Suite or Netscape 7, see How to install and update? (contains important notes) and How to uninstall by hand?

Old versions

By security reason, versions older than 2.1.2009091201 are no longar available. Updating to newer version is strongly recommended.

Including Language Packs

Released version includes following language packs:

  • Italian (it-IT, by Godai71.Extenzilla)

Screenshots This package provides following features.

Theme of this extension is based on Classic(default) theme of Firefox 0.9 and Mozilla Suite for Windows. If you want to use this with other themes, customize codes and images by yourself please.

This package includes buttons for Qute theme especially, because it's the default theme for Firefox 0.8.

History There is the updating history and the list of known problems.

  • Fixed: Errors on switching focus of tabs disappeared. (regression on 2.1.2009091101)
  • Fixed: Permission error on saving SITEINFO cache on Linux disappeared. (Note: If you run one of versions from 2.1.2009072701 to 2.1.2009072702, you have to remove old directory manually. Please remove the directory "~/.mozilla/firefox/profile/rewindforward".
  • Fixed: Initializing error disappeared.
  • Fixed: Crash caused by too long regular expressions disappeared.
  • Works on Firefox 3.5.
  • Theme on Mac OS X is updated for Firefox 3.5.
  • Improved: "Prev." and "Next" are available in the popup menu on "Back" and "Forward" buttons.
  • Improved: Now SITEINFOs for AutoPagerize on Wedata is used instead of old style SITEINFOs.
  • Fixed: Menu-separators are correctly inserted to the popup on "Back" and "Forward" buttons.
  • Broken package is replaced.
  • Fixed: Small toolbar icons are shown with default-theme-like style correctly in Firefox 3 on Windows.
  • Fixed: Initial dialog to confirm adding the toolbar button is shown correctly in Mac OS X.
  • Fixed: Themes are updated for the latest Trunk.
  • Works on Firefox 3 beta5.
  • Improved: New appearance for Firefox 3 is available.
  • Improved: Changing of buttons' appearance is applied immediately.
  • Fixed: "Previous Page" and "Next Page" buttons unified to "Back" and "Forward" buttons work correctly.
  • Fixed: Manually reloaded SiteInfo is applied immediately.
  • Updated: Italian locale is updated. (by Godai71.Extenzilla)
  • Fixed: Exceptions for the auto-loading of next pages by scrolling on bottom of pages work correctly.
  • Added: Italian locale is available. (by Godai71.Extenzilla)
  • Fixed: Some problems on parsing SiteInfo disappeared.
  • Fixed: SiteInfo for AutoPagerize is loaded correctly.
  • Fixed: Site info for Hatena Group is corrected.
  • Modified: Custom site info for this extension is available on line.
  • Modified: Previous and next pages are detected for bakground tabs when they are loaded.
  • Fixed: SiteInfo for AutoPagerize is loaded correctly.
  • Fixed: Sequencial URIs are detected correctly.
  • Improved: Works on Firefox 3 beta3.
  • Fixed: Syntax errors in SiteInfo(s) for AutoPagerize are ignored correctly. Many broken behaviors of Firefox will disappear.
  • Fixed: English locale is corrected.
  • Improved: Exceptions can be customizable for the auto-loading of next pages by scrolling on bottom of pages.
  • Improved: Each condition to find links which is to next/previous pages can be enabled or disabled separately.
  • Fixed: XPath expressions to find next/pvevious links can be cuztomized correctly.
  • Fixed: "Back" and "Forward" menuitems in the popup of toolbar buttons work correctly.
  • Fixed: "Back" and "Forward" buttons don't turn to "Rewind" and "Fastforward" if there is real "Rewind" and "Fastforward" button.
  • Fixed: "Rewind" and "Fastforward" buttons don't turn to "Prev" and "Next" if there is real "Prev" or "Next" button.
  • Fixed: "Rewind" and "Fastforward" becomes "Next" and "Prev" correctly.
  • Fixed: Dropped entry of English locale is corrected.
  • Fixed: Buttons are initialized before and after customizing toolbar.
  • Fixed: Links are found from rules correctly.
  • Improved: Rules to find the link to the next page are imported from the rules for AutoPagerize.
  • Fixed: Initializing problem about toolbar buttons disappeared.
  • Modified: Default theme is recreated for Firefox 2.0.
  • Fixed: Initial startup problem (toolbar is not initialized) is solved.
  • Fixed: "Forward" button doesn't change to "Fastforward" if you're browsing last 2 pages of the session history.
  • Fixed: The auto-loading feature for scrolling on the top or the end of sequencial webpages ignores incorrect key-events correctly. By this change, Gmail and some other services are available.
  • Improved: Menu-icons are available for "Back" and "Forward" menuitem in the popup of these buttons which work as "Rewind" or "Fastforward".
  • Improved: You can use "Back" and "Forward" buttons as "Rewind/Previous Page" and "Fastforward/Next Page" button, if you don't want to put custom buttons in the toolbar.
  • Fixed: XPath rules for blog.goo.ne.jp are updated.
  • Fixed: Empty navigation-bar doesn't show initializing dialog anymore.
  • Improved: This extension inserts its toolbar buttons to the navigation toolbar on the first startup automatically.
  • Improved: This extension shows confirming dialog on the first startup.
  • Fixed: Works correctly on Firefox 1.5 branch.
  • Improved: "Back" or "Forward" will be done instead of loading the link, if you've already visited the "previous" or "next" page.
  • Improved: Behavior of "Rewind" and "Fastforward" feature becomes customizable.
  • Improved: Detecting of Next or Previous pages becomes better.
  • Fixed: "Load the next page from the end of the page" feature works correctly on Firefox 1.0.3. (by jzkey)
  • Fixed: Some internal operations are brushed up.
  • Fixed: Some fatal errors disappeared.
  • Modified: Codes to access content area become secure.
  • Fixed: Works on Firefox 1.0.3 RC builds correctly (maybe).
  • Fixed: Auto-detection for related pages (the next or the previous) works correctly when the page is loaded completely.
  • Improved: Auto-detection priority for related pages (the next or the previous) is modified.
  • Improved: Auto-detection for related pages (the next or the previous) is improved on a few points.
  • Fixed: Parsing of sequential URIs gets more intelligent on a few points.
  • Improved: This version can parse webpages with frames. (The largest frame will be parsed as the main frame.)
  • Fixed: Automatic loading on the end (or the top) of webpages by overscrolling action is available for sequential URIs.
  • Fixed: IP addresses and port numbers are ignored by the auto-discovering feature.
  • Improved: A new feature is available: you can visit next or previous page if the URI seems sequential.
  • Improved: Switching speed of tabs is improved. Found links are cached for each tab.
  • Fixed: Right-click on buttons are ignored correctly.
  • Modified: Icons of buttons are renewed.
  • Improved: "Next page" and "Previous page" buttons are available.
  • Fixed: Setting to disable automatic transferring to next/previous page for scrolling on end/start of pages has worked correctly.
  • Fixed: Lost-settings problem has disappeared.
  • Improved: Finding operation of next/previous pages has been optimized for too many user-defined rules.
  • Fixed: Initializing error has been resolved.
  • Modified: Default buttons have been redesigned for Firefox 0.9 Theme. (But this version includes old buttons for Qute theme.)
  • Improved: "Next" and "Previous" buttons have been enabled/disabled separately like Opera.
  • Improved: Rules for MozillaZine Forum and ITMedia(japan) have been available.
  • Fixed: Global rule specified for any domain with "*" works correctly.
  • Fixed: Icons for Mozilla Suite has corrected on a few point.
  • Fixed: "Add" button has been enabled by default for matching patterns.
  • Improved: Rules for www.teoma.com have been available. (by Norbert Wienholz)
  • Fixed: Matching rules dialog has been available in English.
  • Fixed: Broken appearance of matching rules has disappeared in Firefox 0.9 branch or others.
  • Fixed: Buttons and menu items have been disabled when no row is selected.
  • Modified: !important rules have disappeared from the default theme.
  • Improved: A new dialog for customizing rules to find Next and Previous pages has been available.
  • improved: Wildcards have been available for domain names.
  • Fixed: Next and previous pages in frames have been loaded into the frame correctly.
  • Fixed: Autoloading of next/previous pages on the bottom/top of webpages has worked correctly for no-scrollbar pages.
  • Improved: XPath expressions to find next and previous pages have been customizable.
  • Improved: Next or previous pages have been loaded automatically when you scroll down/up on the end/start of pages.
  • Improved: Related pages have been found from texts more smartly.
  • Fixed: Errors on Mozilla Suite have disappeared.
  • Fixed: Nodes which are not "link" have been ignored correctly.
  • Improved: This has worked on Mozilla Suite and Netscape 7.
  • Improved: History items have been available in the context menu on buttons.
  • Improved: Some links have been presumed related pages by their labels.
  • Fixed: Related links have worked correctly.
  • Fixed: Reverse links have been found correctly.
  • Improved: The feature to find related pages has been able to be disabled.
  • This is the first version.
  • Improved: Middle-click has been available to open target in new tab.
Last modified:2019/05/05 23:02:02