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XUL Applications for Firefox & Thunderbird

These softwares may work on Firefox 2, Thunderbird 2, or later.

They are essentially unstable forever because I develop them based on my private costs and motivations. They provide useful features, and possibly problems. I never indemnify recompense for any problems caused by them. You have to use them at your own risk.

Name Description Platform
Tabbed Browsing
Tree Style Tab Shows the tab bar as a tree of tabs. Firefox
Multiple Tab Handler Provides features to close (, reload, etc.) multiple tabs at once. Firefox
Informational Tab Provides thumbnail and progress meter to each tab. Firefox
Source Viewer Tab Loads "View Page Source" and "View Selection Source" into tabs. Firefox
Open Link in New Tab Loads links in new tabs, by conditions. Firefox
Open Bookmarks in New Tab Always opens new tab from bookmarks. Firefox
New Tab from Location Bar Opens new tabs from the location bar, by conditions. Firefox
Suspend Tab Suspends background tabs and save the memory. Firefox
Tabs on Bottom Applies "Tabs on Bottom" appearance. Firefox
Undo Tab Operations Provides ability to undo and redo any operations about tabs. Firefox
Reload Tabs Progressively Limits number of reloaded tabs in a time. Firefox
Tab Killer Disables tabbed browsing features of Firefox completely. This is for users which want Firefox to be an SDI application. Firefox
Tab Catalog Shows a thumbnail-style list of tab contents. Firefox
Stack Style Tabs Changes Mozilla's behavior of switching tabs for Ctrl(Command)-Tab, Ctrl(Command)-Shift-Tab, Ctrl(Command)-PageDown and Ctrl(Command)-PageUp, like the action Alt-Tab on MS-Windows. Firefox Mozilla Suite Netscape 7
For Firefox 1.5
Tabbrowser Extensions Makes tabs rearrangable by drag-and-drag, provides "undo" feature for closed tabs, shows tabs like a tree, and many many features. This is an all-in-one style extension for tabbed browsing. Firefox Mozilla Suite Netscape 7
Sidebar, Page Holder
2 Pane Bookmarks Splits the "Bookmarks" Sidebar panel with 2 panes, like Opera's one. Firefox
Unified Sidebar Unifies the sidebar and vertical tab bar. Firefox
Ez Sidebar for Mozilla Firefox Makes the Sidebar undockable. Panels become editable easily by drag-and-drop, and a new toolbar button to switch panels will be available. Firefox
Sidebar Window for Mozilla & Netscape 7/8 Makes the Sidebar undockable. And, panels become editable easily by drag-and-drop. Mozilla Suite Netscape 7 Netscape 8
Fox Splitter Splits the content area of the browser window as you like. This is the restructured version of "Content Holder". Firefox
Content Holder Provides a small browser below the main browser, to show another page simultaneously. Firefox Mozilla Suite Netscape 7
Searching the Web or Webpages
XUL/Migemo Provides incremental search for Japanese pages, by roman input. Firefox
Second Search Allows you to search by another engine quickly and directly from the web-search bar. Firefox Thunderbird
Support and Advance Web Browsing
Scrollbar Like Scroller Provides virtual scrollbar on viewport edges. Firefox on Android
Open Local File Provides ability to open local file. Firefox on Android
Back to Owner Tab Backs to the owner tab, if there is no history to back. Firefox
Rewind/Fastforward Buttons Provides "rewind" and "fastforawrd" button to the toolbar, like Opera. And, this includes an intelligent feature to browse sequential pages (blog, diary, novel, etc.) Firefox
Back/Forward Thumbnail This provides thumbnail for tooltips on "Back" and "Forward" buttons. Firefox
How Many Times Can I Back? Indicates how many times you can back or forward, in Back and Forward buttons. Firefox
Text Link Allows URI texts written in webpages to be loaded by double clicks. Firefox
Clipboard Observer Automatically loads URIs copied into the clipboard. Firefox Mozilla Suite Netscape 7
Auto Disable IME Automatically disables IM (Input Method) on the location bar. Firefox
Web Map Provides a visual-style GUI of the history, like a map. This requires Mozilla built with SVG option. Firefox Mozilla Suite Netscape 7
Advanced Editing
Ruler Bar Adds a ruler on the mail composition window of Thunderbird. Thunderbird
Advance the Context Menu (Right-Click Menu)
ContextMenu Extensions Adds launcher of external applications, search engines, user-defined scripts, and many features to the context menu. Firefox Thunderbird
Line Marker Highlights selected text like a marker. This is a study for DOM2 Range. Firefox Mozilla Suite Netscape 7
Support Technologies and Specifications
Popup ALT Attributes Popups alternate texts of images, like IE and NC4. And, long tooltips are shown in multi-line with this extension. Firefox Mozilla Suite Netscape 7
XHTML Ruby Support Supports XHTML Ruby. This supports both simple and complex ruby markup. Firefox Mozilla Suite Netscape 7
URN Support Supports URN links. If the link refers to an URN ('urn:isbn:4-385-12183-4', etc.), then the browser redirects it to an equaly URL. Firefox Mozilla Suite Netscape 7
Text Shadow Provides supporting "text-shadow" feature of CSS2/CSS3. Firefox
Policy Manager Adds an UI for managing Site Policies, a security feature (like IE's "security zones"). Firefox includes the feature secretly, but there is no UI. This package includes manager GUI and a context menu extension to set the site's policy easily. Firefox
Online Tiny Applications
Takahashi-Method-based Presentation Tool in XUL/Returns An implementation of the presentation method, Takahashi-Method.
XPath Expressions Editor 2 This is a GUI style editor, assists to creating XPath expressions.

*Some parts of histories are translated by HIRANO Takashi. Thanks!

Note Users make them more useful and nice...

When you meet a trouble...

Please throw bug reports to me, with board or E-mail. I cannot catch up with them if you report a problem of these apps in other sites, e.g. Bugzilla, MozillaZine, etc.

Don't report bugs about these XUL apps to the Bugzilla. It is only for Mozilla bugs, not for third pirty's extensions. If you post a bug of one of them to Bugzilla, Bugzilla-staffs regard it as an invalid report.

When you report a bug info, please tell me detailed information like following: your platform(OS), the product type ("Mozilla", "Mozilla Firefox", "Netscape", or others), the version of the browser, names/versions of installed extensions (even if it isn't distributed in this site), the process to reproduce the problem (and the URI of the website which the problem is occurred in), the theme (skin) currently selected, and the error messages in the JavaScript Console.

Error messages in the JavaScript Console

Sometimes, I cannot fix the bug without error messages in the JavaScript Console. My debugging process is "test" > "check error messages" > "find out the place the problem is occurred", so if I cannot find out the cause only from the condition of patient, or I cannot reproduce the problem in my system, then maybe not able to fix the problem.

Errors in XUL apps are hidden in the JavaScript Console at first. To show them, we have to add following two lines to the prefs.js in the profile directory.

  • user_pref("javascript.options.strict", true);
  • user_pref("javascript.options.showInConsole", true);

If no error message is displayed in the console, tell me the circumstances. It can help me for debugging.

Tips for bug reports

Bug reports like following can help me than simple (short) reports:

  1. Install Mozilla with ROOT
  2. Install Tabbrowser Extensions, and restart Mozilla
  3. Select XXXX menu
  4. Choose **** menu-item
  • Expected result: Mozilla does XXXX
  • Actual result: Mozilla does ####

Problems depending environments

Those extensions are created on Windows 2000, and tested on Debian GNU/Linux too.

But I don't know whether they works or not on other environments. I'm using Firefox only with a few extensions, only with my favorite settings. Even if you see problems of them, with your favorite extensions, settings, and your system, then, possibly I cannot reproduce the matters you saw.

Which problem depends on environments or not? I don't know. We have to verify each problem actually. When you report bugs, I want to get detailed information about those points at first.

About changing and republishing

You can analyse, change, and republish these softwares, with a license, GPL 2.0, LGPL 2.1, or MPL 1.1. Please make better software, that's my wish.

Don't link to XPI packages directly. If they cause fatal problems like crashing, users will not be able to solve the problem by themselves. Nevertheless when you strongly wish to link them directly, please reproduce installation/uninstallation notes or link to them in this site.

And, Don't redistribute only XPI packages by CD-ROM or other static media. They don't contain installation/uninstallation notes, so users possibly encounter problems hard to resolve. Please redistribute these notes together always.

Localizing How to provide other language packs

I can read/write only Japanese and English so my extensions include Japanese and English locale by default. If you translate my extensions, please send me the locale you created, so I'll add it to the next release.

When I update original locales (ja/ja-JP and en-US), I'll also update other locales in English, not each language. I hope you to take notice of the dropped section and send the complete version of the locale to me again.

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