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Compatibility problem with Tab Mix Plus - Feb 07, 2011

I got a mail from Tab Mix Plus developers team. So I updated compatibility codes in Tree Style Tab for the latest dev-build of TMP. After that I got another mail again, and he said that the latest TST doesn't work with the last public release of TMP. This is the reply:

Hello, onemen.

First, I really think TMP helps very huge people from poor tabbed browsing features of Firefox itself. It is a great thing. So, I hope my addons including TST work with TMP correctly.

However, I'm afraid I can't support both versions of TMP (the latest dev-build and the last public version) anymore, because I believe that they are too different to support simple hacks. I already removed many codes based on the latest dev-build of TMP by this commit, so I can't believe TST works with the last public release only with minor changes only about symbols (function names). And, if I restore codes for old TMP, then both old and latest TMP will override them again and re-introduce many unexpected problems. That is too terrible.

To be honest, it was very painful to read dynamic-eval codes in TMP and TST itself because they are many tree-times eval-ed codes (defined by TMP => overridden by TST => overridden by TMP again). So I don't want to do such a painful work again for the last public release...

Yes, I apologize that I'm also using many eval() to hack TMP. So I believe that both addons TMP and TST should remove all eval-based hacks for each other and make themselves plaggable via their public APIs. TST already defines some public APIs. I agree that they are too less APIs to make compatible TMP with TST now. I'll add new APIs to do it if they are really required for high compatibility. I'll make efforts to keep stable those APIs in future versions. I don't know what APIs are required for TMP, so, I hope to listen your idea.

On the other hand, I hope that TMP provides some public (and stable) APIs for addon developers, like:

  • An API to add extra properties for TabmixSessionData
  • Custom DOM events for TMP specific features

If there is any public document already, could you tell me the URI?


I can't believe that I keep the current method (eval-based dirty hacks) to make them compatible.

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