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アドオンコンテスト追加エントリー - Nov 24, 2007


Tree Style Tab
This moves the tab bar from top (horizontal) to left (vertical), and shows tabs with indent like a tree. Tabs opened from links are automatically attached to the current tab as children. Additionally, tabs' tree can be also managed by drag and drop manually like a folder tree. Vertical tab bar and collapsable tree will help you to get a quick overview of your browsing and manipulate huge numbers of tabs. Moreover, because this works together with other tab-related extensions (including Tab Mix Plus), you'll get highly optimized experience of tabbed browsing.
Multiple Tab Handler
This helps you to manipulate multiple tabs. By dragging on tabs you can select them, and a popup menu will appear when you release the button. "Close", "reload", "duplicate", "bookmark" and "copy URIs" are available by default, and you can add new features to the menu by addons which use the API (ex. my other works, "Split Browser" and "Tree Style Tab"). Moreover, you can close multiple tabs quickly by dragging their closeboxes, so this feature will be useful in vertical tab bar (with "Vertigo" or "Tree Style Tab".)
Informational Tab
This provides thumbnail and progress meter for each tab. Thumbnail is visual summary of the tab and it is more effectively than tab label. Moreover, you don't have to press any key and any button to see their thumbnails, because they are permanently shown.
In CJK areas, people cannot use incremental search of the find toolbar, because we have to translate roman input to Japanese, Chinese, or Korean terms, like: from "nihongo" to "日本語". And, in Latin areas people cannot find terms with phonetic symbols (ex. "Frédéric") by simple characters (ex. "frederik"). This addon includes dictionaries and translation engines, so you can find those terms without translation and CJK people can use incremental search more effectively. Demo: http://piro.sakura.ne.jp/xul/_video/xulmigemo.html.en
Second Search
This helps you to use multiple engines from the search bar. When you type or drag search terms into the textbox, a list of available search engines is shown automatically. This doesn't change the default engine so you don't have to get peeved at cases like: you search a book by Amazon, and you wish to search another word by Google but you get a search result of Amazon because you forgot to switch the selected engine from Amazon to Google.
Split Browser
This splits the content area of the browser and provides parallel browsing experience. You can compare two or more webpages for translation or other uses (moreover, they can be synchronously scrolled if you want), by simply clicking buttons which appear on edges of the content area. BTW, because this is implemented by XBL, you can split the area infinitely.


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