Jun 14, 2010

リンクを常に新しいタブで開くには?(How to force TST to open new tab from links always?)


When I Ctrl+click a link, I want a new tab opened without focus, but when I set Automatic New Tab Level for Links to Lv. 2 and Ctrl+click a link, I get the same tab opened with focus. That's really annoying!



TST has a secret preference for the problem. Please go to "about:config" and set "extensions.treestyletab.link.invertDefaultBehavior" to "false".

The behavior you saw is not a bug, but a designed behavior. By default behavior of Firefox, simple click does "load into the current tab" and ctrl-click does "open new tab". In the "lv.2" Tree Style Tab inverts the behavior, so, ctrl-click now loads the link into the current tab. If you set "extensions.treestyletab.link.invertDefaultBehavior" to "false", TST doesn't invert the behavior but simply opens any link in new tab.




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