Feb 25, 2008





  • そのアドオンがすでに公開状態になっていても、「ログインしていて」且つ「アカウント設定でサンドボックスを表示するように設定している」状態の時でなければ、サンドボックス時代に付けられたレビューは見れない。
  • 上記項目の設定にかかわらず、サンドボックス時代に付けられたレビューはアドオンのページ自体には表示されない。上記条件を満たした上で「レビュー」リンクをクリックして全てのレビューを表示することで、初めて表示される。

念のため試験運用中の次バージョンAMOを見てみたら、全く同じ問題が起こっていた。Source Viewer Tabのページを見れば分かるけど、見出し部分や検索結果には「2 reviews」と表示されているのに、ページの中には肝心のレビュー本文が表示されていない。他のアドオン、例えばDelicious Bookmarksあたりではちゃんとレビューが表示されているが、これらはアドオンが公開された後に付けられた物なんだろう。



Hello, ***** (and editors).

One issue I noticed is that the title of the window that the tab is in has no information about the file being viewed. It says "Source of: - Mozilla Firefox". I would think it would say "Source of: index.html - Mozilla Firefox"

I tested Fx 3.0b4pre and Fx 2 on Windows 2000, but I couldn't reproduce the problem. I knew the previous version had the problem, so I've added a code to solve it. If it appears even if you really tested the latest version I posted, it is possibly caused by other reasons I found, for example, web page problems, other extensions, or others. Could you tell me the detailed process to reproduce the problem?

I would approve this extension other than the fact that there were no reviews. As per our policy (https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/pages/policy) extensions need to have a couple reviews before it is set to public access. I wrote a review for you, so when you have fewer to get.

Please see the page https://addons.mozilla.org/ja/firefox/reviews/display/5908 after you log in and check the "Show sandbox?" in your account settings. Then you'll see all reviews which were posted before this extension was made public. It was approved based on them.

Now we cannot see reviews posted when the extension was in sandbox, because those reviews also seem to be put into sandbox. I think that is a problem of AMO system. Yes, I know that a new version of AMO is now tested on https://preview.addons.mozilla.org/ and I've seen just same problem on: https://preview.addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/5908 The page says "2 reviews" but they are not shown on the page. I hope that the problem is solved before the new AMO is launched.



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