Apr 25, 2007

TBE for Firefox 2に向けて


I'm going to split TBE and re-create tiny extensions which can work with other extensions together. This is the first step. I repulsed by old TBE because it is too large, too heavy, and too spaghetti...

I've created the extension above at first because the feature is important just for me. "Tab Tree" feature becomes possibly available next. Currently I'm focusing to satisfying myself, not for other users, so I'm very sorry. However I think this is the best way to solve this huge business (restructuring TBE). When I developed the old TBE, I was a school student, and I could work for users (not for me) like a volunteer service. Now I have less time so I believe that the self-satisfaction-driven development is the way.

I'm planning to release a meta package (a new feature from Fx 1.5, which is an archive of several XPIs and can be distributed as one XPI) of those tiny extensions, as new TBE.




僕は今、そうして開発した小さな拡張機能を一つのメタパッケージ(Firefox 1.5以降の新機能で、複数のXPIパッケージを一つのXPIパッケージにまとめて配布できる)にまとめて、新しいTBEとして配布することを考えている。



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