Jun 03, 2014

How can I drag tabs with Multiple Tab Handler? / マルチプルタブハンドラがある時はどうやればタブをドラッグできるの?


When the Multiple Tab Handler addon is installed, I cannot drag a tab to move it. Even if I start dragging on a tab, mouseover-ed tabs are selected (highlighted) instead of moving the dragged one tab.



The addon provides ability to select multiple tabs and do some actions for them. Long-press of your left mouse button on a tab starts the selection, moving mouse cursor selects mouseover-ed tabs, and releasing the button shows the menu for selected tabs.

On the other hand, if you move your mouse immediately after you press the left mouse button on a tab, then the tab is just dragged and moved as you expected. Remember, long-press selects tabs but short-press starts dragging of the tab. To change the threshold, see the configuration dialog of the Multiple Tab Handler.

By the way, you can select tabs without dragging. When you do ctrl-left-click on a tab, it toggles the selection state of the tab. Shift-left-click on a tab selects tabs between the clicked tab and the current tab. This behaviour is same to the one of Microsoft Excel, Windows Explorer, and others. After that, you can open the menu for selected tabs with right-click on a selected tab. If you do short-press of the left mouse button on a selected tab and start dragging immediately, then selected tabs are dragged and moved together.



ちなみに、長押しからのドラッグ以外の方法でもタブは選択できます。タブの上でCtrl-左クリックすると、タブの選択状態が反転されます。また、Shift-左クリックすると、クリックされたタブと現在のタブまでの間がまとめて選択されます。これはMicrosoft ExcelやWindows Explorerなどの他のアプリケーションと同じ挙動です。そうしてタブを選択した後に、選択されたタブの上でマウスの右ボタンを押すと、選択されたタブのための操作のメニューが表示されます。選択済みのタブの上でマウスの左ボタンを押下してすぐにマウスを動かすと、選択されたタブをまとめてドラッグ(移動)する事もできます。


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