Feb 04, 2008

About Tabbrowser Extensions

Hello, thank you for your mail.

The only problem now is the new version, the old one for Firefox 1.5 is a lot better and right now I prefer having Firefox 1.5 with your old extension instead of using the new one.

Have you thought of making the same as for 1.5? If not, will you do it?

Currently I have no plan to develop an extension same as TBE on Fx 1.5. I suffered from too many bugs which are from options I didn't use, so, I decided to keep developing "TBE3" only on features I really need.

Because I was a student and I had a lot of off-time, I could develop huge software like old TBE. But now I'm one of working people. There is less time and motivation.

Now there are nice projects, Tab Mix Plus and Tab Kit, suites of tabbed browsing features. And, userChrome.js is also available to make people's small requirements reality. Lots of people develop user-scripts for the extension on MozillaZine forum. I hope communities of those extensions help you.



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