Jul 07, 2009

ウィンドウにフォーカスするとタブの色が変わる(Colors of tabs is changed when the window is focused/unfocused!)


The minor bug is the changing of the background color of the tree bar. In the screen shot included you can see that it is light grey. But when I change focus to Firefox the tab becomes dark grey and all the tabs darken too.



Do you talk about the changing of tab colors caused by focusing/unfocusing of Firefox window? Then, it is not a bug, but a design. The "Metal" theme (one of built-in theme of TST) is designed for Mac OS X. In the platform, any window which have no focus is shown with paled colors.

Firefoxのウィンドウにフォーカスしたりフォーカスを外したりした時の色の変化についての指摘であれば、それはバグではなく仕様です。ツリー型タブの組み込みテーマの1つである「Metal」はMac OS X用にデザインされており、Mac OS Xではフォーカスを持たないすべてのウィンドウは薄い色で描画されます。(つまり、その挙動に併せてタブの色が変わるというわけ。)



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