Feb 05, 2010

ツリー型タブのGoogle Chrome版は作らないの?(Tree Style Tab for Google Chrome)


Any plans to add Tree Style Tab to Google Chrome or Chromium?

ツリー型タブをGoogle ChromeもしくはChromiumに移植する計画は無いの?


Now I have no plan to export Tree Style Tab to Chrome. The fact "Tree of tabs are permanently shown, without any operation" is the best benefit of Tree Style Tab for me. Currently there seems to be no API to do it. I don't want to use such a feature if clicking on a toolbar button (or any other operation) is required to show the view.

Moreover, it is the main reason of my development that I want to improve my PC environment. Because I'm not planning to switch to Chrome, I will not develop Chrome extensions.

By the way, there are some similar extensions VerticalTabs, Tab Menu, and Tree Style Tabs (Beta) (Note: it has same name but it is NOT my product!). They possibly help you.

Updated at 2012-11-22: More extensions, Sidewise Tree Style Tabs and Tabs Outliner are available now. They are good alternative of Tree Style Tab on Google Chrome.



なお、似たような拡張機能でVerticalTabsTab MenuTree Style Tabs (Beta)(注:同じ名前ですが私が開発した物ではありません!)というものがあります。まずはこれらを試してみてください。

2012-11-22追記:その後、Sidewise Tree Style TabsおよびTabs Outlinerという拡張機能が公開されています。これらを使うと、ツリー型タブにより近いユーザー体験をGoogle Chrome上で得られます。


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