Mar 31, 2010

Why I don't roll Tree Style Tab back to the version which have the option "hide new tab button"?

I got some requests to add an option "hide new tab button" again.

Excuse me, but I say "no". There are two reasons.

First, by adding too many options, users consider Tree Style Tab as an all-in-one/versatile addon, and novice users who don't understand what is the purpose of TST will also install it. I don't hope that future. Actually, I received some requests like "please add an option to disable tree features, I want only a vertical tab bar." -- I just ignored it.

Yes, currently TST has some features not related to tree, but they are anguished decisions. When I find out other addons which provide those futures, I'll readily remove them from TST itself, and make TST work with those addons together. (Actually I removed "open selected links in tabs" and some features.) I hope that only users who want to use "tree of tabs" install TST.

By the way, in old days I developed an all-in-one style addon "Tabbrowser Extensions" which was well-known before the Tab Mix Plus became major. It had very various options about tabs, it had huge codes, I received too many requests, and I gave up to continue to develop it. I don't want to repeat stupid thing like that.

Second, hiding the "new tab" button is a choice of an user who use another addon to do it. TST is designed to work with visible"new tab" button, and not designed to work without the button. If you decide to hide the button at your own risk, you also have to care the result, especially when you hide the button by customizing of userChrome.css.

Nonetheless, If you hide the button by an option of an existing addon, then I should add some hack to TST for compatibility with the addon, because I said "and make TST work with those addons together." Which addon do you use, Tab Mix Plus? TMP Lite CE? Tab Utilities? If you tell me which is installed, then I can write hack for the addon promptly.




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