Jun 15, 2010

タブバーの位置を変える方法(How to change the position of the tab bar easily?)


It is nice if I can switch between tabs on the top and side. I know you can drag it but if the top gets filled up, then its hard to drag it. Then I have to open the prefs to move it. Be nice if it was easier to move the tab bar to different sides quickly.



I have no plan about (re-)adding the feature to the Tree Style Tab. I think an answer for another question possibly help you: A new option to switch the position of the tab bar by the number of tabs.

By the way, you can start to drag the tab bar without blank spaces in the tab bar. Try to drag something in the tab bar not a tab. (ex. "New Tab" button, "<" button, ">" button, or "List All Tabs" button)




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