Jul 12, 2007






I wish one of my extension "XUL/Migemo" to be public.


My nomination is rejected, because there are few reviews and the existing review is not useful. But it seems very very hard to get useful review to this extension in AMO, because...

  • This extension is strongly designed for Japanese users.
  • There are few reviewers who can understand Japanese language in AMO.
  • Only few users can access the page because extensions in sandbox are invisible to usual people.

I read the page http://wiki.mozilla.org/User:JasnaPaka/AMO and it said that external reviews can be accepted instead of reviews in AMO. So, I collected reviews I thought useful, from the Web. But I couldn't find out any English review. There are only Japanese reviews, like following:

  • http://www.kncn.net/blog/?itemid=1060
  • http://diary.noasobi.net/2006/03/diary_060315b.html
  • http://blog.g-sce.com/archives/2007/07/03/
  • http://www.itmedia.co.jp/bizid/articles/0702/02/news006.html
  • http://undeadmode.blog64.fc2.com/blog-entry-193.html
  • http://step.way-nifty.com/step/2004/09/forefoxmozilla.html
  • http://blogs.dion.ne.jp/k_sn/archives/2488569.html

Would you accept these reviews? If not, and if English reviews are required, I'll translate them to English.



……とか言ってる間に速攻で承認されてしまった。こないだのデブコンの時に来日されてたAdd-on NinjaのJustinさんから返事があった。うーん、直訴すげえ。ということでお礼にメルっといた。カタコトの英語で。


Thank you for your quick reply!! I really hoped that it becomes public because it will be noted by more CJK people.

Originally, this extension was created by another author, plus7. He said that some Chinese/Korean people mailed him to improve it not only for Japanese but for Chinese and Korean. However the first version of this was designed only for Japanese so he gave up to support other languages.

Lately I've taken over the work of him and I've restructured it to make it internationalizable/localizable. Now it can use engines for other languages. I hope that AMO build bridges for me and CJK developers who can develop engines for his language.



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